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Why I love Yoga.

Yoga Heals You

I have been involved with Yoga most of my life.

I started practicing yoga as a teenager. Inspired by a mentor to join a class at the age of 16. That first yoga class woke me up, soft ease in the teacher's voice, low light in the room and body movements that felt amazing, all elements to set the tone for my healing journey of 20 plus years.

Trusting in the age old adage, “Do what I love”, was the consistent echo in my mind. A pivotal time of transition, a powerful awakening as I realized the path that called me.

Do what you love clearly meant that I become a teacher. 

The Way I teach

As a yoga teacher I have developed a nurturing hands-on approach, a comfortable style, rich with verbal cues regarding alignment of body, mind and spirit.

My Vinyasa flow class is a perfect place for the beginner or advanced student. With emphasis on the details of asana, using body awareness, breath flow, and a soft nurturing and compassionate tone, yoga becomes an essential element to lighten and gladden your spirit.

My attention is on the breath as the core to a transformative yoga experience. If you are as passionate as I about creating momentum forward toward living your best life. I share with you my breath-work experience below. A real life demonstration that consistency and dedication within a community setting can catapult change.

Please join us in the next 1000 breath challenge.


The inhale breath, vital to allowing the life force (Prana) in, and the exhale breath (Apana), both open pathways of allowing resistance to leave the body. The inhale and exhale of breath are instrumental in maintaining a balanced yoga practice.

A natural softening occurs with deep breathe to establish a solid foundation rooted in the body to heal.

Breath work is a key component that facilitates healing on multiple levels.

The breath seams to allow (beyond the intellect) a letting go of old, outdated patterns that no longer serve the higher self.

Through an intimate exploration of each yoga pose or breath session I find my true self hidden behind stagnant layers of resistance.

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