Savasana A Reboot

 Photo credit Jon Foster

Photo credit Jon Foster

In Corpse Pose we practice conscious dying, representing a symbolic state of death and the ultimate reconnect to our spiritual essence. In Savasana we surrender in body fully relaxed yet awake and aware. This receptive state is difficult to achieve, falling asleep is much easier and may be the next logical step; and for the average student this is most common. Yet if able to find that realm of nondoing it is not sleep but a conscious release, a sense of quiet repose that is powerful beyond measure. A reboot in a sense; imagine the bugs and ticks being clearer away to make room for a fresh new clean slate of well being and vitality.

To be fully present and relaxed while in Savasana is a powerful way to realign thought patterns. By simply resting we are naturally in synch with the Alpha brain waves. A High frequency electromagnetic wave pattern that is healing on multiple levels. 

A positively awake state of allowing that naturally realigns the rhythms of our physical body by releasing resistance. By embracing doing nothing we touch on what it must feel like to leave all resistance behind.


As we lay in equanimity (balance of equal sides) we touch on the essence of nothingness and connect to our true self that eternal never ending, always present essence of spirituality, our Soul. In the ease of stillness, embracing repose, as in the pure bliss of neutrality we remember who we really are spirit inhabitanting a physical body. That soft surrender of our current form can temporarily lead our humanness into the vast void of single pointedness, that supreme connect to Source energy. No wonder why Corpse Pose becomes our favorite part of the Yoga practice.  


tah groen

Tah has been involved with Yoga most of her life. She started practicing as a teenager. Inspired by a mentor to join a class at 16 sparked the yoga fire which has been burning ever since. After launching a sportswear line with her then husband in the late 80′s and becoming a mother of two daughters, it was time for a healing change. Trusting in the age old adage, “Do what you love”, was the consistent echo in her mind. A pivotal time of transition, a powerful period in her life as she realized the path that called her. Do what you love clearly meant that she become a teacher. In 1996 working simultaneously within the health food industry as a reliable source for nutritional council and support, Tah’s yoga business grew. She was able to open one of the first yoga studios in La Jolla. Shakti Yoga was born. After enjoying this prime location for a handful of years she realized the benefit of being a mobile instructor. This was the next logical step for her since the established client base was corporate and private. As she teaches she shares her healing touch of Reiki and Thai Yoga Therapy. Tah lives in San Diego with her partner of 15 years; and besides her two daughters who are in their 20s, has a rambunctious 5 year old son, who instead of a dog to follow him around has a loyal Bengal cat named Jagger.