Breath Our Most Precious Resource

What is the most precious resource in life?


The air we breathe.The obvious choice,but how we take it for granted.

The perfect place to start is noticing life giving breath. Breathe deeply and we thrive. A simple formula for a vital life is to Breathe deeply and completely.

When I first started practicing yoga, I was guided into a ten count inhale and a ten count exhale. I thought to myself how is this possible?

I was completely out of breath, not able to fully complete the inhale for what seemed like an endless count. I was barely to the halfway mark when I was gasping for air.

I really felt like a fish out of water. Yet over time my capacity to hold breath grew tremendously. I can now breathe in this way seamlessly and easily. So be assured and know that deep breathing comes with practice. 

The easiest way to practice breathing is in Yoga class. To take in oxygen fully, as we breathe deeply in appropriately timed movements, is the first priority when practicing Asana (yoga postures). It is through this connection to our deep breathing that we encourage a quiet mind, the primary goal of Yoga Asana.

When we breathe deeply, it automatically stimulates a link between body, mind and spirit, developing a bridge between unconscious and conscious awareness. Breathing creates new energy pathways by stretching (energy prana) to those otherwise untouched places, allowing a deeper connection with ourself.

So how does yoga achieve such lofty heights? Conscious breathing has a cleansing effect, allowing release of resistant energy within the body’s systems; and naturally bringing vitality and wellbeing. This healing light and clarity helps fight illness and disease, 

Focused breathing is an essential foundation to awaken movement of energy Chi, Life Force, or Prana into the bodies energy centers. Once the clearing and processing of energy is ignited, the body becomes a vessel of self discovery on multiple levels both physical and physiological.

In yogic terms we are increasing Prana, the life force, as we breathe in deeply and releasing Apana resistance as we exhale fully. To be conscious of our breath is to be conscious of ourselves.

B.K.S. Iyengar, states in his book Light on Yoga. "Breath is the king of mind."

To breathe seamlessly requires discipline and focus and is the simple yet effective way to soothe a monkey mind.

It is "chitta vritti nirodhah!" ...stopping the chatter of the mind that facilitates this incredible power to heal ourselves and to become conscious of who we really are connected to all that is.

To again use the words of one of our greatest teachers from his book Light On Life Iyengar states, "Yoga is about stilling the turbulence of consciousness."

He goes on to say that through yoga we are cleansing the body's systems especially the nervous system. Thus breathing before acting slows our response mechanism, allowing for our intuitive, creative instincts to take precedence.

As we inhale divinity and surrender ego in our exhalation we begin the process of freedom.

The trained mind is powerful. To claim this skill one can simply practice any form of focused energetic breathe awareness with movement; be it Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Martial Arts.

Breath awareness, empowers clarity, allowing the ease and flow of our natural state of wellbeing to grow. Conscious breathing has a profound impact on the ability to clear the mind of thought, or to significantly slow it down.

Breath awareness is being mindful. A focused mind can stay still in a precious moment where all of the energy culminates into a powerful point. That single point which catapults us into a high vibration. That high frequency is a direct connection to the all pervasive "Now". 

Breath is first and foremost and is the first stage in developing a yoga practice. To have consistency with the breath is the Yoga. 

Join Tah and Angela in awakening our breath and movement Saturday March 11th in San Diego.

One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connected to the Energy Stream brings about a co-creative endeavor that cannot be matched by anything else in all of the Universe.
— Abraham Hicks

tah groen

Tah has been involved with Yoga most of her life. She started practicing as a teenager. Inspired by a mentor to join a class at 16 sparked the yoga fire which has been burning ever since. After launching a sportswear line with her then husband in the late 80′s and becoming a mother of two daughters, it was time for a healing change. Trusting in the age old adage, “Do what you love”, was the consistent echo in her mind. A pivotal time of transition, a powerful period in her life as she realized the path that called her. Do what you love clearly meant that she become a teacher. In 1996 working simultaneously within the health food industry as a reliable source for nutritional council and support, Tah’s yoga business grew. She was able to open one of the first yoga studios in La Jolla. Shakti Yoga was born. After enjoying this prime location for a handful of years she realized the benefit of being a mobile instructor. This was the next logical step for her since the established client base was corporate and private. As she teaches she shares her healing touch of Reiki and Thai Yoga Therapy. Tah lives in San Diego with her partner of 15 years; and besides her two daughters who are in their 20s, has a rambunctious 5 year old son, who instead of a dog to follow him around has a loyal Bengal cat named Jagger.