Why Try Creative Dance?

“When you dance I can really love." Neil Young.

So you say you can't dance. I said the same thing. I'm absolutely uncoordinated when it comes to choreographed dance moves. But creative dance is something else entirely. Creative is the operative word, and then add dance. Creative dance is freedom and joy coming to full expression.

Creative dancing moves us emotionally in ways that other forms of exercise does not.

My son and I with some of his friends, decided to dance in our living room to a favorite music playlist. The amount of energy we spontaneous created with our playful movement and creativity was incredible.

The kids had so much fun coming up with crazy and sometimes ridiculous moves to share within our dance circle - (see how to instructions below). Their little seven year old faces were beaming with internal joy and lightheartedness as they fully expressed themselves.

To practice creative dance art is to naturally express ourselves with movement.

Creative expression through dance has incredible benefits;

  • Allows creative expression
  • Releases inhibitions
  • Builds confidence
  • Increases vitality
  • Builds coordination 
  • Is healing and transformative

Dancing is a natural way of expressing ourselves thatfeels so good! Feeling good is everything! We tap into our emotional guidance system this way. By celebrating the dance, we raise our vibration to that bright frequency of health and well-being.

Music fuels the fire, stimulating our intuition to flow freely. Getting lost in movement and the moment, is to be completely without thought, in a good way. This movementnaturally develops the imagination and soothes the emotional body.

As the music takes over, feelings of empowerment and self expression that may have been inhibited, come alive. Dance is the perfect creative vehicle for freeing yourimagination. As we stimulate the Imagination, we foster emotional stability.

  It is now a big YES!   When I dance I'm confident in my body and my creative choices.

It is now a big YES!   When I dance I'm confident in my body and my creative choices.

The uplifting emotional response from dance activates new pathways in the brain, helping to form more positive thinking habits. These new pathways continue to fire in the brain after the dancing ends.  Thoughts of self confidence andesteem,  areessential to growth and development of kids and adults , .

The better you feel, the better it gets. When my son andfriends come together to dance the kids remember how much fun they had, and of course we do it again.

When we come together to play this way we are building relationships, encouraging a safe trusting environment to understand each other better. What a sweet way to interact with our community.

Next timefriends are over, try this dynamic creative dance experience. 

Turn on the music.

  1. Form a circle that fits everyone
  2. Pick someone to go first to create a unique dance movement
  3. The next person to the left adds on to the first persons dance move with their own .
  4. Each person around the circle gets a chance to add on
  5. Continue around the circle till everyone has contributed to the dance

It is fun to help each other out when memories fail, especially with a big circle. I know we are going to make a regular habit of turning on thetunes and shaking our booty from now on.

Join us Saturday in San Diego for a Yoga Dance Breath workshop. 

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tah groen

Tah has been involved with Yoga most of her life. She started practicing as a teenager. Inspired by a mentor to join a class at 16 sparked the yoga fire which has been burning ever since. After launching a sportswear line with her then husband in the late 80′s and becoming a mother of two daughters, it was time for a healing change. Trusting in the age old adage, “Do what you love”, was the consistent echo in her mind. A pivotal time of transition, a powerful period in her life as she realized the path that called her. Do what you love clearly meant that she become a teacher. In 1996 working simultaneously within the health food industry as a reliable source for nutritional council and support, Tah’s yoga business grew. She was able to open one of the first yoga studios in La Jolla. Shakti Yoga was born. After enjoying this prime location for a handful of years she realized the benefit of being a mobile instructor. This was the next logical step for her since the established client base was corporate and private. As she teaches she shares her healing touch of Reiki and Thai Yoga Therapy. Tah lives in San Diego with her partner of 15 years; and besides her two daughters who are in their 20s, has a rambunctious 5 year old son, who instead of a dog to follow him around has a loyal Bengal cat named Jagger.