Recorded Live Yoga With Tah  

Enjoy this beginning all levels yoga session with a fun challenge or two to keep you hopping.. Enjoy watching the segments all at once or one clip at a time. Tip: Try hooking up the TV for a better viewing experience.

Knowing that quality over quantity is best. Be easy and gentle on yourself! And Most of all have Fun!!

Segment 1

Enjoy the first chapter of this yoga series by moving from a seated pose into the ease and flow of warming hips, core and shoulders. Practice Low lunges, cat curls, cat cow  and childs pose.

Segment 2

Enjoy the second chapter of this yoga series by moving through more of a slow vinyasa flow - vinyasa means linking movement with breath. Generate a bit more heat as the warrior sequence builds by strengthening the legs with the intention to open more deeply into our squat. Ending in Childs. 

Segment 3

Enjoy the final chapter of this yoga series by moving gradually to the ground via pigeon pose (the pinocle hip opener), seated twist and boat pose (ultimate core strengthening) to rest and soothe the back with happy baby pose. Ending with an easy bridge pose and supine twist.