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Start Of HTV 1st Wednesday~Introduction to Ceremony and Ritual~ Intro Night

Vedic Puja Ceremony

As we start our HTV training the first night together we will participate in one of the oldest existing ceremonies in the world a Puja. This ancient devotional and spiritual science of Ritual is like a powerful prayer, supported and assisted by divine energy.

This is our first Healing Touch Vinyasa Training night together. All teachers are invited as well as partners or friends of registered trainees.

We are initiating through ceremony the beginning of a three month journey into healing and learning. And what better way than to have an authentic circle ceremony that bonds and unites the sacred energy of divine healing.

We want to adhere to as close as possible an authentic Traditional ceremony and ritual practice. Here are some instructions to follow in preparation: 

  • to be clean of body is to be clear in mind and spirit and to raise our vibration, please bath prior to ceremony
  • to evoke lightness of being with color therapy please wear light or pale (white, yellow, orange) colored clothing preferable natural fibers cotton, linen etc... (definitely no black please)
  • to make this ceremony more of a personal connect please bring an object that is close to your heart, sacred to you. Examples may be a special herb/plant, crystal/rock/wood, statue or photo of someone special etc...

Please review these pages from our Yoga and Philosophy Manual by Georg Feuernstein

  • The sacrad symbol of Om pg 61
  • The Nature of the Cosmos pg 71-72
  • Ritualism pg 124-125
Initiates know that the energy and time they invest in complicated rituals and long meditations are not wasted but the shortest route to the kind of self fulfillment that transcends the ego and all its features and binding limitations.
— Georg Freunstein from our Traditional Yoga Studies Manual pg125