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Shakti Yoga Co-op~Shakti Retreat In Idyllwild California

Shakti Yoga Co-op 

Shakti Retreat

Self-love ✱ Self-care ✱ Self-healing

Is it time for you to be nurtured and supported? Do you want to empower yourself to be the best self you can be?

Join us as we reveal to you our most trusted self care techniques. A weekend to discover three different modalities for empowering yourself and to share with others. 

Find yourself immersed in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by the mature woods in Idyllwild, California. Our small group will be among tall Pines and Cedar trees with expansive vistas as we explore hiking, Yoga, Reiki and Ayurveda principles. Our accommodations, a beautiful spacious mountain cabin where you will be served organic and vegetarian meals.

Nurture the body with yoga, meditation, and hiking. Rediscover and enliven your life-force with ceremony, music and healthy food.

Learn three distinct modules for self-care, Reiki Level I, Introduction to Human Design and Ayurvedic Medicine. 

With Reiki...

You will be witness to your own healing energy as it is awakened through your hands. Your Reiki guide Janet Wagner will initiate you into the Reiki realm with a sacred atonement and you will leave as a Reiki Level one practitioner.

Reiki Level 1 will teach you how to provide healing, relaxing energy treatments for yourself or others. Reiki is a wonderful addition to yoga or other healing modalities but can also be used as natural healing support for friends, family or pets.

"Reiki (pronounced ray-key) refers to "universal life force energy", "divinely directed healing energy", or "life energy of a spiritual nature". Life energy is what creates our health as it flows through us and all around us. In its natural, balanced state it flows freely through our chakras and meridians and around us in our auras.  Reiki is a vibrational energy technique that balances, harmonizes and restores our energy systems by using the energy centers in the palms of our hands. The hands are placed gently in different positions on or over the body. It is a gentle but powerful system of natural healing that provides stress reduction and allows the body to relax into a state that allows optimal self healing." Janet Wagner

With Human Design...

You will be given your own unique Human Design chart based on your birth data: time, place and location. Together as a group, you will learn about each energy center in your chart, your specific auric field and how it interacts with others. 

As Tah reveals the basic principles of Human Design you will discovery the Aura mechanics of energy in your body. Human Design knowledge is fascinating in itself, but once the concepts are applied daily they can easily shift negative habitual patterns, helping to release resistance to move you toward more opportunities for inner peace and wellbeing.

By learning the significance of your "definition"; how your energy field interacts with others, your strengths and vulnerabilities, you will leave with a simple strategy for living life. This intimate knowledge of who you really are brings deep acceptance and love of self to a whole new level.

The significance of understanding your unique energy signature can dramatically shift the way you live life. Tah will reveal your strategy for moving through your day to day with ease and flow. By one simple statement of intent specific to your Human Design you will positively pivot the way you think.

"As I utilize Human Design concepts in my life it becomes a life of fluidity and ease. A natural flow that pulls to me people, places and things that are in sync with and satisfy my creative desires; living life comfortably as passenger (the busy thinking mind) who can trust in the driver (physical body) to guide the life." Tah Groen (Manifesting Generator)


With Ayurveda...

Finish the weekend on Sunday delving into Ayurveda medicine with Arati Lane, as we practice self-love with an ancient ritual of oil massage called Abyanga. Arati will guide you through a process of self massage that will leave you with deep feelings of stability and warmth. Your Sunday morning dedicated to regenerating your life force fully before returning to the following week's schedule.

After completing your own private Abyanga ritual, Arati will help decipher your dominated Dosha (bioelements of constitution) and the foods to support your Vedic constitution. Having access to an amazing kitchen Arati will share some of her simple take home Ayurvedic remedies. 

Finish as we started with sacred ceremony, completing the circle to solidify the wisdom learned over the course of the restorative weekend; precious time that you set aside to honor concepts of self-love, self-care and self-healing.


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