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Yantra Bliss Workshop with Sarah Tomlinson

  • Trilogy Sanctuary 7650 Girard Avenue San Diego, CA, 92037 United States (map)

Sarah Tomlinson

Sarah will be teaching a portion of Healing Touch Vinyasa's Yoga Philosophy module. This special workshop is open to the public not just HTV Yoga Trainees. Pre-registration required. 

Her expertise surrounds Yantra (coloring as Meditation) and Mantras (Seed Sounds), both of these Yoga techniques are creative ways for us to connect on a Tantric level; to channel divine energy. Sarah has mastered the art of holding space for her students, to encourage a playful attitude, lightly moving artistic expression into a deep and intimate exploration of self. Leaving her workshop with your own original master piece of meditation is a gift.

Immerse yourself in the visual-soundscape of Yantras and Mantras. This workshop will give you a direct experience of the transporting effect of working with ancient geometric symbols, Yantras, through applying color with Sarah Tomlinson

(, and you can tune into the Mantras through the accompanying Mantras and music. Discover your Yantra during this workshop and learn how to reveal its healing magic in your life. Bring your favorite coloring pens or pencils, and a gold and silver metallic pen. You can take home your Yantra(s) after this workshop to uplift the energy in your home.

 – Sarah is an author, artist, yogini, doula and mother. She is author of Nine Designs for Inner Peace: The Ultimate Guide to Meditating with Color, Shape and Sound. Her Yantra art is collected worldwide. After becoming certified in the Jivamukti Yoga Method by David Life and Sharon Gannon she embarked to India where she worked extensively with her mentor and teacher Harish Johari who initiated her to the spiritual practice of painting Yantras. She has led countless trainings, classes and workshops in this practice.