Partner ✦ yoga ✦ workshop

Get Ready ✦ To connect ✦ To explore

Teachers: Arati Lane and Tah Groen

Play ✦ Connect ✦ Explore

We Will Bring Up The Energy

In this workshop Arati and Tah will share some playful exploration of Partner Yoga.

Get ready to be playful.

Get ready to move.

Get ready to have some fun!!

Working with a partner we will explore deeper expressions of our classic yoga poses, finding support both in strengthening and lengthening. The benefits of partnering up to practice are many. Yes! After building trust and confidence we will practice a bit of Acro Yoga.

During the last hour we discover the gem of partnering up; the ability to surrender completely in absolute trust with your partner. What comes up when we are the flyer or the base (the partner on the ground)? Hesitation, insecurity and fear.

As Arati and Tah guide you and your partner to encourage focus on the key to a successful lift off, emotional alignment; you will easily let go of doubt and insecurity.

To find the sweet place of connection, to empower your inner voice and connect with confidence to your partner, building trust and stability.

This will be a perfect environment to try something new.

Partner Yoga Benefits:

  • Develops trust/intimacy with partner
  • Encourages balance and equanimity in Asana
  • Stimulates alternative creative play in practice
  • Develops deeper opening & clearing of energy lines in body
  • Facilitates synchronized Pranayama (breath awareness)

(It is fine to come alone; we are confident there will be a perfect match for you) 

Cost $35 pre-registration $40 day of

$35, day of $40

Arati Lane

Arati Lane is a lead teacher throughout our Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. 

Arati Lane, originally from northern Germany started practicing Yoga in 1989 in N.Y.C. She travelled to New York City as a deep seeker ready to explore life and herself. Her original calling was to study acting in the big city but soon realized she was being pulled strongly to Yoga.  She knew she was in the perfect place as her personal practice developed at the hands of Jivamukti Yoga Center teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life.   Arati's teaching career started with a strong Asana practice including chanting and meditation as well as the study of traditional yogic texts. In the end she left New York State as a 500 hour certified yoga teacher completing her training at Sivananda Yoga Ranch in upstate N.Y. (continue reading)

Tah Groen

As a yoga teacher she has developed a nurturing hands-on approach, a comfortable style, rich with verbal cues regarding alignment of body, mind and spirit.

Her Vinyasa flow class is a perfect place for the beginner or advanced student. With Tah’s emphasis on the details of asana, using body awareness, breath flow, and a soft nurturing and compassionate tone, yoga becomes an essential element to lighten and gladden your spirit. Her attention is on the breath as the core of a transformative yoga practice. She states: “The inhale breath, vital to allowing the life force (Prana) in, and the exhale breath (Apana), both open pathways of allowing resistance to leave the body. The inhale and exhale of breath are instrumental in maintaining a balanced yoga practice. A natural softening occurs with deep breathe to establish a solid foundation rooted in the body. A key component that facilitates healing on all levels. As in letting go of old, outdated patterns that no longer serve the higher self. Through intimate exploration of each pose as it transitions into the next, we find that each inhale and exhale reveals our true self hidden behind stagnant layers of resistance.”