Two Required Texts for Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training:

Functional Anatomy of Yoga

By David Keil

Functional Anatomy of Yoga is a rare gem. This book enables both the casual reader and the seasoned practitioner to understand and implement the anatomical structure and function of the body in yoga. Written with a conversational tone, the book delivers the complex subject of human anatomy in a way that is both provocative and clear.

The underlying theme of the book is integration. David Keil outlines how yoga teachers and practitioners can utilize a deeper understanding of their anatomy as they approach the larger scheme of yoga. How do the supposed “parts and pieces” of the body synchronize to support integrated movement? Finally, how do the various yoga postures interrelate from the perspective of functional anatomy?

Not only is David Keil an authority on the subject of anatomy, but he also has the wisdom and first-hand experience of a skilled yoga teacher and practitioner. He has been presenting the subject of anatomy in a way that is interesting, meaningful, and applicable to teachers and students alike since 2000. Beautifully illustrated throughout with colour images and photographs to clearly explain the concepts and asanas, Functional Anatomy of Yoga will assist you in reaching new heights in your yoga practice using the “laboratory” of the body and the tools of yoga asana.

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Manual for the Philosophy/History Segment of
200-500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Compiled by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D.

Georg Feuerstein 1947-2012

Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D. became interested in Yoga in his early teens and has increasingly studied Yoga philosophy and history since then. He did his postgraduate studies in England and has authored over 50 books—not all on Yoga and including a couple of poetic titles. His major works are The Encyclopedia of Yoga and Tantra (Shambhala 2011), The Yoga Tradition (Hohm Press 2008), Yoga Morality (Hohm Press, 2007), The Deeper Dimension of Yoga (Shambhala) and The Bhagavad-Gītā: A New Translation (Shambhala 2011).

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Ayurveda A Quick Reference Guide

Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher Training has these in stock $15.00

This course is specifically designed for Yoga Alliance Teacher Training programs. In conjunction with the book Functional Anatomy of Yoga it provides everything you need to deliver anatomy simply and effectively to your students!

  • Quizzes that test students comprehension of the material.
  • Videos that support the information presented in the book.
  • Content for in class discussion and exercises provided.