Flow Yoga Mt. Etna Park

Sunday 8:45am & Wednesday 5:30pm

The perfect environment for a relaxing and yet invigoration yoga practice at this gorgeous park in San Diego.

You will gently fine tune posture alignment as you move through a slow flow sequence, creating a natural rhythm of breathe and movement as you go. Suitable for all levels. Beginners Welcome.

Tah's Studio Classes

Wednesday 11:00-12:00am Studio: Trilogy Sanctuary

Saturday 9:00-10:15am Studio: Trilogy Sanctuary

Tah teaches a vinyasa yoga class suitable for all levels. Especially good for those who like to focus on alignment and appreciate hands on teaching.

Alignment based Vinyasa flow. Vinyasa is linking breath to movement in a specific way that allows heat to build in the body. Vinyasa heat is of benefit to a deeper and satisfying yoga practice as well as fine-tuning the details of body mechanics in postures. Correct alignment helps facilitate maximum amount of energy flow throughout the body. You will leave class rejuvenated and ready for your day. 

Tah will guide you through a vinyasa class with special attention to alignment and hands on adjustments. Tah has taught yoga for more than 12 years and is Certified in Thai yoga therapy and reiki. Her adjustments offer a healing and supportive framework for the body. Her extra attention to alignment ensures that your practice stays safe and supportive for your body over a great number of years. Having extra hands on touch creates a very loving and nurturing space, allowing for a deeper healing experience.

LEVEL: Beginners welcome! This class is a perfect balance of strengthening and stretching poses. It provides a moderate physical work out. Tah will offer a number of modifications for more basic and more advanced practitioners. A great all levels class


Do you want to get yoga certified?

Are you Interested in learning more about Yoga? Learn how to teach for smaller class size and private clients. Join Tah and Arati to receive your 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification. To find out more go here  

Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training