From Ann...

I love Tah and I'm pretty sure you will too!  She is an amazing yoga teacher that I've been practicing with for several years now.  She was my first instructor and was super patient with me; She made learning yoga very approachable and joyful.  

Her energy is very calm and positive and I look forward to seeing her twice a week through private practice at my workplace (yes, I know I'm lucky!). She thoughtfully listens to her clients and is able to adjust her attention to those who need fine adjustment or those that like a challenge, too.  

Her Vinyasa Flow sessions are always evolving and she incorporates a nice variety of sequences.  I've learned so much from her, like breathing fundamentals, poses, transitions and the names/terms of all the poses.

She's been able to help me through some positions that are better for pre-natal yoga and I'm definitely planning to practice post-natal yoga with her when the time comes!  One of her many talents includes Thai massage, and I love her mini-massages & touches that I get at the end of practice. It really is a special experience that I only get with Tah.

Not only a wonderful yogi, she also is super creative and designs her own line of spiritual & beautiful jewelry.  I have an golden Om necklace she made me which I love.  I would highly recommend anyone at any level to work with Tah!

From Mark...

Tah Groen has taught yoga twice a week at lunch hour for Nissan Design America in San Diego for over 15 years.  Her teachings are considered by the team to be highly valuable in balancing the stresses of  high performance in the work place with the beauty, calm and physical fitness of yoga.  Tah’s classes are welcoming to all levels of yoga practice.  Beginners are gently led and more advanced students are continuously challenged.  At the end of every one of Tah’s classes we all feel more relaxed and better fit to face the challenges of everyday life.  I would recommend Tah’s teachings to any company or corporation looking to increase performance and well-being of their whole team through yoga.

From Grace...

Both Tah and Arati are truly wise women. They both beautifully embody authenticity and guided me down my authentic path. I initially start this training with the only outcome of receiving a certificate to teach…I received an abundant amount more. Throughout Healing Touch Vinyasa Training I continuously lost sight of the ending certificate. Because I was so immersed in the wise content and beautiful people I was surrounded by.

Whether you want to become a teacher, deepen your own practice, deepen your perspective on life, or have no idea what you want; I can whole-heartedly recommend you take the Healing Touch Vinyasa Training.

From Pedro Molina Founder Aztec Fitness...

Being in the fitness industry for 17 years, I've taught and experienced many types of workouts, but so often I have neglected the "mind/body" connection. This course has immersed me in Healing Touch Vinyasa. I loved the format as Tah showed us the techniques by applying them to us...allowing us to experience them first hand...then we turned around and practiced them to make sure we understood. This class has given me a whole  new set of tools that no doubt my clients will benefit from.