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Next Human Design Interactive Webinar: Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Know your unique nature: your health, your psychology, your vulnerabilities and limitations as well as your talents, strengths, and gifts.


What is a human design system?

The human design system was created as a tool for people to know themselves better. It is a way of allowing your body's intelligence to guide you. It can empower you to live as an original human being, as yourself, using your body and minds' own natural strengths. The system is built with your birth time and place to calculate your personal Human Design chart. In this calculation, the positions of Sun, Moon and planets at the time of your birth play an important role. 

The human design system groups people into 4 specific types: Manifestors, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. Although there are endless variations within each type (and within our genetics), each type has a specific way of approaching and navigating life.


What's in a human design reading?

You will be given your own unique Human Design chart based on your birth data: time, place and location. You will learn about each energy center in your chart, your specific auric field and how it interacts with others.

As I reveal the basic principles of Human Design you will discovery the Aura mechanics of energy in your body. Human Design knowledge is fascinating in itself, but once the concepts are applied daily they can easily shift negative habitual patterns, helping to release resistance to move you toward more opportunities for inner peace and wellbeing.

By learning the significance of your "definition"; how your energy field interacts with others, your strengths and vulnerabilities, you will leave with a simple strategy for living life.

This intimate knowledge of who you really are brings deep acceptance and love of self to a whole new level.

The significance of understanding your unique energy signature can dramatically shift the way you live life.

I will reveal your strategy for moving through your day to day with ease and flow. By one simple statement of intent specific to your Human Design you will positively pivot the way you think.

As I utilize Human Design concepts in my life it becomes a life of fluidity and ease. A natural flow that pulls to me people, places and things that are in sync with and satisfy my creative desires.


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