Pranayama And Breath-work With James Beard

Breathwork is a phenomenally, mind-altering experience

Pranayama is an aerobic exercise designed to help you understand yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually live a healthier, more joyful life.

If you want to fully explore what yoga is all about join James Beard for this full weekend workshop of Pranayama and Breath-work.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The 13 types of Pranayama Breaths

  • The difference between Pranayama and Breath-work

  • About Kundalini Energy

  • About the different Breath-work styles

  • How to integrate pranayama and breath-work into your teaching and practice

James has discovered a way of integrating organic movements of your body with breath-work to facilitate profound and positive energetic shifts. As he guides you through specific breathing techniques, you may be surprised at the spontaneous release of resistance and stagnant patterns held in the body. In essence possibly healing you on deep cellular levels.

This workshop facilitates breathing exercises that promote exploration of the spontaneous and subtle changes that come from within. This practice inspires people to control their state of being by consciously controlling the patterns of their breath.

The breath-work sessions lead by James are powerful. If you are a yogi or not utilizing breath-work and Pranayama as a way to support your Asana practice is THE key to a greater understanding of self. If you want to discover who you really are join us!

This is the SAFE place to do that.


  • gain confidence teaching a more advanced student 

  • gain confidence with hands on teaching

  • learn deeper principles of yoga 

  • access to video and manual support

  • We will record demonstration session for your reference library. 

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This training is a part of the 200hr yoga teacher program

This 8-hr Pranayama and Breathwork Training is a complete module from the 200 hour Healing Touch Vinyasa yoga training (YA certified).


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