Meet your yoga guides

Along with Tah Groen, other amazing teachers have been selected for the class curriculum. Each teacher has their own deep expertise, making this teacher training one of the most completes in Southern California. 


Tah Groen

Tah started practicing yoga as a teenager. Inspired by a mentor to join a class at the age of 16. She says, "That first yoga class woke me up, soft ease in the teacher's voice, low light in the room and body movements that felt amazing, all elements to set the tone for my healing journey".

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Sabrina Gallier

Sabrina is a startup entrepreneur, with a strong digital marketing background. After many years living abroad, she is back to California, mixing her tech knowledge, French education and Brazilian culture to recently launch FiitZ, a yoga marketplace.


Arati Lane

Arati Lane, originally from northern Germany started practicing Yoga in 1989 in N.Y.C. She travelled to New York City as a deep seeker ready to explore life and herself. Her original calling was to study acting in the big city but soon realized she was being pulled strongly to Yoga. 

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Jeromy Gross

Jerome since 1993, has trained in many techniques and modalities of the healing arts in each of the five basic human levels: mental level, body level, energy level, diet, nutritional level  and metaphysical, spiritual level. 


James Beard

James has been actively exploring the breath since 1985 which has led him into the world of holistic arts and yoga. Over the years, his intention has not only been to help heal but to guide and empower people to heal themselves. James has written two books on the power of breath.

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Lauren Pasas

Lauren is a 500hr Certified Yoga Instructor. While training in India recently she acquired advanced knowledge in Myofascial Release, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga. Lauren’s studies have also branched into Yoga Therapy.

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Victoria Danzig

LCSW, has been in private practice in La Jolla since 1985 and works extensively with clients using new transformational methods for healing. She has been training therapists in various methods of Energy Psychology since 1998 and holds a Diplomat in Comprehensive Energy Psychology.



Join Tah in this journey of knowledge and learnings.