Feel good everyday

Nourish your soul with our best introductory videos. 

Find your yoga practice, mantras, spirituality, Asanas, recipes and more below. Each week throughout the Breath to Success course, Tah releases new material on:

  1. Emotional Healing (Self-care)

  2. Energy Therapy (Healing through touch)

  3. Physical Strength (Asanas)

  4. Yoga off the mat (Mindfulness Power)


how to meditate throughout the day?

Wether you are standing in line or driving, there are few movements that combined with breath can help you bring yoga and meditation into any situation. Learn these few easy mudras to breath techniques for daily use.

what is EMOTIONAL HEALING (self-care)?

Our breath is responsible for a lot that is going on in our bodies and minds. When we don't do well, we hold our breath and we start shallow breathing. This is the first indicator of how we are doing. The second element of self-care is how we eat. We can regulate energy with food, very literally.

benefits of yoga & asanas

Why moving your body with Asanas impacts your brain's health? Understand how yoga and the way you move your body and breath can impact every aspect of your life now.

yoga off the mat - what is that?

Practicing Asanas will give you tools that you can transfer off your mat and bring to your life. Sharing your knowledge with others is just one way to bring yoga to life.

what is a mudra?

Never heard about Mudras? Join Tah on this 3 min-video to understand how to move your hands and guide the energy flow in your body.

Say YES to the Yoga life

Breath to Success includes a myriad of resources that are designed to meet you where you are on your path to a better lifestyle. 

While some of our community might be seasoned yogis or yoginis, others will be at the very beginning of their yoga and self care journeys. We cover all the basis. The important part is to commit to evolving each week.

Are you ready to learn, receive, and take the next logical step on your path with us?

The activities, tools, and techniques within the program are all available to you at once, and you may feel welcome to access them as they hold meaning for you. This group support will help keep you motivated, focused, and inspired as you take your path - and it’s a perfect spot to ask questions, share insights, and seek guidance too!

quick basic mudra to fight stress

If there is one Mudra to bring to your busy life today, this is the one. 

what is energy therapy / healing through touch?

Alternative therapies with energy can heal unbalances in your emotional and physical health. 

The mindfulness power

How to flow your thoughts and energy to a higher, more positive vibration and how this can change your life.


When we are selfish enough to care about the way we feel, the whole world becomes our oyster.



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The Breath to Success course was designed for busy people! Every element of the Breath to Success membership - and the materials within it - will fit with your busy daily life in mind. You need only spend about 60 minutes a week absorbing these bite-sized, easy to consume lessons.

Even more important is that the material and learning environment is so engaging and powerful that you could experience real shifts as early as the first day, first week of practice or even in just 15 minutes of meditation.

How much does it cost?

The Breath to Success membership costs $27 a month and gives you access to all materials, old and new. Weekly resources (videos, podcasts, exercises, discussions) are added on the platform and Facebook Group. 

Why is this group closed now?

Each group entering the membership site requires Tah's full attention and dedication. Thus, we open small batches of spots 3-4 times a year. This makes so the group interaction is personable and ultimately allows for a better connection for everyone.


Dates might vary so please sign up to get updates. If you miss one opening, you will have to wait until the following open group. 

Is there a cancellation procedure?

You may cancel your membership at anytime. We understand life happens and try to accommodate eventual changes.