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April 2019

Learn about the latest research in fascia and movement, and how to apply it to customized treatment plans. Gain the confidence to support your clients needs when it comes to understanding the role of pain, the musculoskeletal system, and all the factors that limit mobility.

May 2019

Thai Yoga combines stretching and body movements to loosen muscles, release tension and eliminate disease. This 2500-year-old Ayurvedic-based body science is the perfect system to support and supplement your private clients with healing touch Thai Yoga Therapy.

Teach Beginners' Yoga
August 2019

Teaching brand new yoga students can be one of the most challenging aspects for young teachers, learn how in this Beginner Yoga Workshop. You will delve deep into observation and modification of traditional Vinyasa "flow" for a beginning yoga student. 


Breathing is a lot more powerful than we think.

Breathwork can deliver powerful mind and body benefits. Recent research shows that mindful breathing—paying attention to your breath and learning how to manipulate it—is one of the most effective ways to control stress levels and improve your quality of life. Breathing in mindful way changes a variety of health factors ranging from mood to metabolism. No matter how aware of your breath you might be, there is always room for improvement. Let's practice today.


Yoga as a career tool.

Small steps to achieve a life of joy and success.

The list of succesful people, entrepreneurs, actors and writers that meditate is ever-growing. Meditation is proven to better productivity, increase focus and regain energy while re-setting your brain for whatever challenge you have ahead. No matter what your ambitions are in life, meditation can be a powerful career tool. Start using the right tools to create your own path of success.


Meditation & Success

Life can easily take over your emotions and unbalance your well-being. Wether you are a busy professional or a mom, or both, your routine should include self-care. Start with a 5 minute practice wherever you are and let's move towards your goal together, one step at the time. 

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Deepen your connection with yoga

Empower your own yoga journey

Deepen your knownledge on all yoga related studies with Asanas, Pranayamas, Yamas and discover the power of the 8 limbs of yoga. Tah's teacher training will support you along the most beautiful journey into a yoga life beyond the mat. This training is for everybody and all levels of practice. 


Our circle has infinite energy

Access all the right resources that will guide your yoga path. Get new fresh content every Friday or browse videos that will support your energy balance, your physical practice and everything you need off the mat.