Learn How Beginners' Yoga Foundations

Not Just for teachers

Let's explore in depth a true beginner on the yogic path.

It can be intimidating going into a yoga class as a beginning student. This class is designed to help you feel comfortable learning or reestablishing your yoga practice. A safe place to ask questions and to explore the foundational aspects of our Yoga.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The importance of Transitioning in and out of basic postures with ease

  • How to safely modify postures in the beginning using props

  • How to connect to the breath with nose breathing

  • The important focus on hands and feet

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Getting in and out of basic postures with ease

  • How to safely modify postures in the beginning

  • Anatomy review

  • Create and practice your own beginning flow sequence

One of the best ways to learn how to modify postures is observation. Tah will give a live demonstration of a hands on healing yoga session with a beginning private client. You will explore in depth a true beginning yoga sequence with a private client as well as receive feedback on your own practice.

Three part clinic: a lead up, actual private client session and discussion and creative practice/sequencing session after.


  • gain confidence teaching a true yoga beginner 

  • gain confidence with hands on teaching

  • learn basic principles of yoga 

  • access to video and manual support

  • We will record demonstration session for your reference library. 

Once you register, you will get access to two beginning yoga sequences with video and manual support.

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This training is a part of the 200hr yoga teacher program

This Beginning Yoga Training is a complete module from the 200 hour Healing Touch Vinyasa Care Givers yoga training and includes access to recorded video plus an extensive manual.


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