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Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Trainee shares her story.

Posted by Tah Groen on Sunday, November 13, 2016

Are you curious about our Healing Touch Vinyasa training? Do you want to hear what one of our past trainees has to say? 

In this video (a Facebook Live event on 11/13) Lesley shares with you some of her important take aways from the Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Training; those significant moments of clarity and alignment that are dear to her heart. 


Teacher Training

Tah class yoga ceremony

Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher Training  starts March 26th, 2017 (Weekends Only). 

“Never did I think yoga teacher training would be this amazing and life improving. All about bringing your yoga off the mat. Everyone should do it.”

— A recent Healing Touch Vinyasa teacher trainee

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Thai Yoga Training

Thai Yoga

A Special Group of 8 students to learn Thai Yoga with Tah only (4 spots left)

We are holding a special Thai Yoga training where Tah will walk you through her exact steps she takes to give an amazing Thai Yoga session.

“The Thai Yoga training that I received at the beginning of my yoga teaching career solidified a deep knowing of energy and alignment in the body. It was invaluable to building confidence with the Healing Touch that I use as I teach. Learning Thai Yoga gave me the hands on familiarity with the body in Yoga Asana which translated perfectly into a Yoga class or a private client session. ” — Tah Groen

With this workshop series you will realize how easy it is to give healing hands on treatment to the body. The sooner we are comfortable with the body the easier it will be to implement intuitive touch into your yoga teaching.

Membership Site

I am working on an exciting project with Stu Mclaren's help as part of the first wave of students through his signature Tribe Course; I am learning the fundamentals on how to develop a kick ass "non-overwhelm" (stu's word) membership site to support Yoga Teachers.



"I love Tah and I'm pretty sure you will love her too! She is an amazing yoga teacher that I've been practicing with for several years. She was my first instructor and was super patient with me; She made learning yoga very approachable and joyful." 


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