We are in an accelerated time of enlightenment. Are you ready to awaken to your "power beyond measure"? Be Brave and Bold by taking a leap of faith and belief. If so join us in an in-depth exploration of self discovery.

Become a Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher



Teacher Training

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Healing Touch Vinyasa Teacher Training  starts January 14th, 2017 (Weekends Only 8am-5pm) till March 19th. 

โ€œNever did I think yoga teacher training would be this amazing and life improving. All about bringing your yoga off the mat. Everyone should do it.โ€

โ€” A recent Healing Touch Vinyasa teacher trainee


Stay tuned for Shakti Yoga Co-op HTV Appreciation workshop series starts in November.

Healing Touch Vinyasa Membership

I am working on an exciting project with Stu Mclaren's help as part of the first wave of students through his signature Tribe Course; I am learning the fundamentals on how to develop a kick ass "non-overwhelm" (stu's word) membership site to support Yoga Teachers.



"I love Tah and I'm pretty sure you will love her too! She is an amazing yoga teacher that I've been practicing with for several years. She was my first instructor and was super patient with me; She made learning yoga very approachable and joyful." 

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness That most frightens us.
— Marianne Williamson